Our Mission


Leah Sawyer Physical Therapy is a provider of skilled, evidence based physical therapy that is tailored to you as a unique individual. We treat creatively and comprehensively with a variety of techniques, including manual therapy, functional strengthening, and myofascial release. Our services are valuable not only for those suffering from injury, but also for those seeking to prevent injury and maximize performance. 


We believe in fostering personal relationships both during and after the course of one’s treatment. We believe in affordable, accessible, and long-lasting healthcare. We believe that knowledge is power, including the knowledge of self treatment. We believe that health and pain-free movement is integral to well being. We believe that athletic achievement is an immense source of joy which is attainable at all levels and life stages. 


At Leah Sawyer Physical Therapy, we believe in you and your potential to Move Well, Live Well, and Be Well.