Lymphedema is a medically complex condition which effects nearly 140 million people worldwide. In Western countries it typically occurs after removal of lymph nodes during cancer treatment. Nearly 90% of all women suffering from breast cancer will acquire lymphedema. Unfortunately, patients are commonly misdiagnosed or do not seek proper treatment due to long wait times and a scarcity of available treatment options. 

Lymphedema is a vastly underserved subset of medicine. This is one of many reasons I am drawn to practice it; I have always wanted to be a specialist, and I have always wanted to make a valuable difference in people's lives. In November 2015 I completed a 135 hour course which gave me the knowledge to serve as a Complete Lymphedema Therapist (CLT). In the future, I plan to sit for the Lymphedema Association of North America exam, the international gold standard certification for providers of lymphedema therapy.

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