Manual therapy is essential in decreasing pain, restoring range of motion, and normalizing function. However in order to maintain prolongued benefits of manual therapy it must be followed with corrective exercise. The two go hand in hand- manual therapy allows for "good" movement to happen, while corrective exercise makes it habitual. We can pop, crack, or "adjust" bones all day long... but you don't want to have to return to your health practitioner week after week in order to feel well, do you? Muscles move bones! The tight or weak muscles that caused poor alignment must be addressed, otherwise, a vicious cycle of dependence on frequent treatment with temporary results is created. 


I am particularly proud of my ability to prescribe creative, effective exercises for an individual's specific concern. I believe my background in athletics and training as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist has been extremely helpful in developing this skill. The majority of my patients would not consider themselves athletes, however, understanding of how the body is required to move during sport can be applied to any activity in life. The strength required to come from a sitting to standing position or to navigate stairs without pain is not so different from the strength required to perform a heavy squat or land from a jump shot.