Lymphatic Massage- The Most Effective Recovery Tool You are Probably Not Using.

When the lymphatic system malfunctions or is injured, lymph fluid cannot be properly removed from our tissues. Think back to high school biology...remember the principles of osmosis? Lymph fluid is rich in protein, therefore if it is not properly reabsorbed by our lymphatic system it will continue to draw water and fluid towards it. Soon, lymph fluid will begin to accumulate excessively. When the nearby body part begins to appear enlarged and/or swollen, we call this lymphedema. 

Lymphedema is NOT swelling, or edema. Swelling is what happens when your roll your ankle and it gets fat for a day or two. Swelling is what happens when your forehead walks into the side of the refrigerator while in search of a midnight snack (yes, speaking from personal experience). Swelling is a natural response to an acute injury and goes away with rest and time verses getting bigger and bigger and bigger. 

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