What is a Physical Therapist, and how can they help me?

Although I love my profession, I'm about to offer a criticism of it: physical therapists are terrible at educating the public on WHAT WE DO. PTs are like personal trainers though, right? 


PTs work with sick people and old people in hospitals, duh! Sometimes, but only sometimes. 

PTs are just really good at rubbing on you, aren't they? Ok, now you are about to get smacked. I didn't go to 7yrs of higher education to give you a back scratch because you had a hard day. No get off my table. 

At this point, you may be a totally confused over what I actually do then. You've run through all of your options and I have just sassily debunked them all. 


Let's start again. 

PTs are trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat a variety of muscular and skeletal injuries, disorders, or what I like to call Problems with a capital "P". We love to see people before something becomes a Problem. We are statistically very effective in preventing Problems if our patients give us the opportunity. Let's be proactive, not reactive folks! Problems, pain, immobility, unfavorable lifestyle modifications, loss of independence, surgery, medication, and avoidable healthcare costs... yuck. Let us save you a load of yuck and the healthcare system a load of money.

I will not list every single condition that we treat, as it will inevitably be incomplete. I will, however, say that if it aches, hurts, burns, tingles, feels numb, feels weak, feels uncoordinated, makes you dizzy, is swollen, doesn't move enough, moves too much, pops, clicks, gives way... we can possible treat that. And if we can't? We are educated, trained, and board certified in order to tell you where you need to go and who you need to see to be treated. That is why we earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and why you can, in the majority of all cases, come directly to see us without your doctor's referral. And yes, your insurance will pay for it.

Contact a PT if it sounds like our training may benefit you and your quality of life. In addition to treating Problems, we are also incredibly nerdy, incredibly passionate, and incredibly pumped to spread the word about WHAT WE DO.