Why I Am Raising My Prices and Limiting My Hours

Starting Leah Sawyer Physical Therapy was an unexpected and unplanned opportunity. I certainly haven't been initiated into The 1% since becoming a small business owner, but I have definitely paid my bills. I have established a steady stream of patients without soliciting referrals or paying for advertising. I have learned how to code, build a website, reconcile accounts, and other eclectic skills that I otherwise never would have acquired. I'm proud of what I have created and how I have been able to treat my patients in accordance to my own morals- guided by the strong belief that healthcare should be individualized, comprehensive, and accessible.

All-in-all though, I have worked hard. Sometimes I come home full of piss-and-vinegar, talking a million miles an hour and all pumped up like:

Grrrrr, RAWR! 

Grrrrr, RAWR! 


...and other times I crawl home, delirious and crabby, with work still to do and normal-life responsibilities unfinished, looking a bit like:

Wake me up in 5 minutes. 

Wake me up in 5 minutes. 

I can only imagine what I put my boyfriend-->fiancé-->husband through with these mood swings and frankly I am happily surprised that he didn't bolt at the first stage of that progression. 

At some point in my childhood I realized that a) my parents would not support me forever and that b) I was, therefore, largely in charge of my destiny. My Main Goal has been pretty constant ever since that realization- to be good at what I do, to enjoy doing it, and to earn the freedom to do other things I love that have nothing to do with making me money. Sure, money can make life a bit easier. Making money can also, in certain instances, be a marker of how good one is at their trade. Money is nice, there is no denying it. However what money cannot do is buy more time. If an unbottled genie presented me with the choice between infinite time and infinite money I would chose time again and again and again without hesitation. Time > money all day every day. 

My goal has never been to become rich or even to be seen as successful by others. My goal is to create a lifestyle where I have the time to study and get better at my trade. My goal is to create a lifestyle where I have time to work in the garden with my husband. My goal is to create a lifestyle where I have the time to read books for no reason whatsoever, cook unnecessarily gourmet dinners on a weeknight, train for a marathon while remaining healthy, travel, start a compost pile, do yoga, the list goes on...

I have always had a tendency to chose the path of more resistance because I subconsciouly assume that there is righteousness along it. I chose to run the 3k in middle school track because it was long and nobody else wanted to, thus sending me on a trajectory to run cross country instead of play soccer in high school, and to eventually run as a walk on athlete at Stanford. I chose to start Leah Sawyer PT after an incident where it was clear to me that I was the only person in the room who did not think I was capable of doing so.  In starting Leah Sawyer PT, opportunities have presented themselves that I would have never imagined. Some I have had to say no to, and some have been too good to pass up. All choices, like my decision to run the 3k in middle school, have sent me down a certain path. I never regret the path I chose or the places they lead, but every now and then I believe that it is good to check in and make sure that I am headed, more or less, in the direction of My Main Goal. 

I've been doing a lot of checking in lately. 

Starting in the last week of August, I will take a full time position working for a corporation where I am not the boss. I will no longer be considered self employed, my hours will be more regular, and likely my sleep a bit deeper. I am extremely excited to join this team of passionate, talented, and hard-working therapists. I'm excited to learn new skills and deliver quality healthcare in a new setting. It is worth noting that I will not be able to see Leah Sawyer Physical Therapy patients here. I am deeply thankful that Leah Sawyer PT made this opportunity available to me.  I struggled mightily with this decision, but in the end, I just couldn't say no. 

At this point, most of you are probably thinking "who gives a sh#t about you, what about me and my injury?" Let me be clear. I love being your PT. I love helping you return to your passions with health, not pain. I get super fired up when we, as a therapist-patient team, find the solution together. Leah Sawyer PT will stay open and I am honored to be your therapist should you chose and need me. However, my hours will be greatly reduced and, as dictated by the basic principles of supply-and-demand, my prices will be higher.

I will also offer current patients the opportunity to purchase up to 3 visits at my present rate. This offer will expire in 90 days, as will my welcome at my current treatment location :) Alternatively, I am happy to help you find continued care with a provider who is able to offer more extensive hours.

In my renewed commitment to work more directly towards My Main Goal, I promise you this:

  • I will always take deliberate steps to become a stronger physical therapist, including continuing my NAIOMT fellowship in manual therapy
  • I will continue to offer high quality, individualized, and comprehensive care 
  • I will continue the blog, likely with a little more sass and a little less political correctness. Topic requests are welcomed. 
  • I will always uphold the Leah Sawyer Physical Therapy mission statement, which can be found HERE

If you are or have been a patient, thank you for trusting me with your care. I will always be committed to it. 

A special thank you to my family: Linda and Rick Sawyer, Rheda Gomberg, and Truett and Debbie Harris for listening to me jabber and showing true and/or feigned interest. Particular love to my husband Nash, who is always at the center of my mind. 

Until next time, Move Well. Live Well. Be Well. 


Leah Harris